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Hello, hello!

Hi! You made it over here to my blog’s new home.

I figured now would be a great time to mention how wonderful working with Biondo Studio has been. I was pretty scared about leaving my comfortable Blogger home and venturing into the world of WordPress and a static website. For a while, I researched web designers and drooled over other authors’ websites. It didn’t take that long of a while before I realized that my favorite sites were always created by–you guessed it–Biondo Studio. So I sent them an email, and here we are now, at my shiny new website, which I love.

Denise and John at Biondo Studio are awesome. When we first started discussing what I wanted my site to look like, I think it sounded like I was creating some kind of bizarre word-association poem: “Doughnuts. I love the beach. Orange cats are my favorite. I write historical and contemporary fiction. I live in NYC. Did I mention that I love doughnuts?” If had made a homepage from that, it would look like this:

bad art

But Denise and John took that jumble and made something perfect (and coherent) (and really cute). I hadn’t really known how to communicate what I wanted, but it didn’t matter: Biondo Studio has design ESP.

From there, it was smooth sailing. Denise and John were patient when it took me approximately twenty-seven tries to figure out a) who I had registered by domain with, and b) how to access it.  And they didn’t bat an eye when in true production-editor form, I kept finding the tiniest things to tweak, and tweak, and tweak.

So if you find yourself wanting a new website or a blog tuneup, I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’m grateful and happy that they created such a nice home for me online, and that they made the process so easy for someone as scattered and web-designophobic as me!


5 Responses to Hello, hello!

  1. oh rebecca, i laughed out LOUD when i read this, especially your picture of the cat, city, water, and donuts! it has been such a pleasure working with you and thank you for hiring us and to be so flexible as we were putting ideas together. we love how it turned out and wish you all the very best with your books! 🙂

  2. Your new site looks beautiful, Rebecca! Love the colors and the sweet header. 🙂

  3. Jaime Morrow says:

    I love the new website, Rebecca! It’s absolutely wonderful. 🙂 My favourite part has to be the window looking out onto the street. Oh, and the kitty!

  4. It’s so pretty! Love all the illustrations. 🙂

  5. Alison Miller says:


    I love it, Rebecca! GORGEOUS!!! Your web designers did an amazing job!