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Rebel Girls Podcast: Hedy Lamarr

Need something new to listen to?

I researched and wrote the script for this Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls podcast about Hedy Lamarr. Maybe you know of her as a famously talented and beautiful actress–but did you know she was an inventor whose frequency-hopping technology allows us to send secure texts and emails today? Hedy’s even known as the “Mother of Wifi”!

Listen and learn all about Hedy’s incredible life and legacy. The podcast is read by the acclaimed actress Tatiana Maslany(!) and the whole series is entertaining and inspiring. I’m excited to be part of it!

2 Responses to Rebel Girls Podcast: Hedy Lamarr

  1. Nancy Hertz Ellis says:

    I loved “The Only Woman in the Room” by Marie Benedict, a fascinating novel based on Hedy Lamarr’s life.