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What’s Up Wednesday 10/16



What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme that helps readers and writers touch base with blog friends. If you’d like to join in, you can find the link widget on Jaime’s and Erin’s blog posts. I love this idea because it gives a structured, easy way for me to keep up with blogging. Also, the buttons are cute. Thanks for the idea, Jaime and Erin!

What I’m Reading 
Last week I read Just One Year in just one day. I loved getting to see the other side of the story; I’ll say nothing else because I don’t want to spoil anything. Then I lucked into an ARC of Nikki Loftin’s Nightingale’s Nest. It’s beautiful and unique and haunting, and I’m savoring every word.

What I’m Writing   
Still doing odds and ends for the business side of writing. When I’m not doing that, I am playing around with a new idea. This is a project I’d maybe like to work on for NaNo in some form. I guess for now I’m treating it more like a writing exercise and less like a WIP, if that makes sense. Sometimes you need space to play with words in order to work with them.

What Inspires Me Right Now   
I had the day off on Monday, so I went up to the Bronx Zoo. A lot of little kids were running around in their adorable Halloween costumes.  Dime-store capes and some face paint are all it takes to let them create adventures for themselves.  It’s always fun to see children being imaginative and playful, and I find the creativity surrounding Halloween really inspiring–that’s probably why it’s one of my favorite holidays. (Also the candy. Mmm, candy. I think I might actually get trick-or-treaters this year, so I have an excuse to stock up.)

What Else I’ve Been Up To
Last Friday I went to Alison Cherry’s launch party for her debut, Red! It was at the lovely BookCourt in Brooklyn, and it was a fabulous time.

And in other news, there’s a Goodreads ARC giveaway for When Audrey Met Alice going on right now. You can sign up here!

So what have you been up to lately?


20 Responses to What’s Up Wednesday 10/16

  1. I look forward to reading Red. I follow Allison on Twitter and she seems totally lovely. I lived in Brooklyn for two years, and never made it to the Bronx Zoo. I was, admittedly, a little scared on the Bronx, and it was far from me, but someday I hope to go.

    • Rebecca says:

      It was my first time in the Bronx, aside from Yankee Stadium. Kind of fun to explore a new borough. (It would be quite a hike from Brooklyn, though!)

  2. I don’t get trick or treaters, but I am still planning on stocking up on candy 🙂

    Can’t wait to read JUST ONE YEAR!

  3. Jaime Morrow says:

    I love Halloween too! We’re moving that day, so we won’t get to enjoy it as much as I’d like. Though, I was kind of thinking it might be fun to move while wearing costumes. Might have to pitch that to those helping us. 😉 Hooray for new ideas! I totally get what you mean about treating it like a writing exercise and not a WIP. I think as soon as you attach the term WIP to a project, it takes on bigger and sometimes scarier implications. Sometimes it’s nice just to play around with something and see where it goes without all the pressure. 🙂

  4. Johanna says:

    I love zoos around Halloween – in fact I went to the Bronx zoo a few years ago around this same time!

    • Rebecca says:

      Halloween makes everything extra fun. Case in point: not only did I get Dippin’ Dots, but they were Halloween-flavor ice-cream dots. 🙂

  5. Miss Cole says:

    Sounds like a great day off 😀 Best of luck with the business side of writing. Hope it’s all done with soon so you can focus on new ideas.

    Have a lovely week 🙂

  6. Your trip to the zoo sounds awesome! We love Halloween around here — my daughter already has her costume and is all fired up about trick-or-treating. As you know from my WUW post, I was a big fan of JUST ONE YEAR. The fact that you read it in a day makes me think you were too. 🙂 Best of luck with your new project!

    • Rebecca says:

      I know this is probably in vain, but I so hope there might be a third JUST ONE book, or at least a novella!

  7. Lori Lee says:

    Sounds like everyone has a SNI for NaNo and I’m so jealous! Good luck, although I don’t think you’ll need it 🙂

  8. I wish I had JUST ONE YEAR to read but it doesn’t come out here until next month! Luckily I’ve avoided spoilers so far and only heard good things about it, so I’m really looking forward to it (although I didn’t *love* JOD, so I’m hoping Willem wins me over).

    Also, this–> “Sometimes you need space to play with words in order to work with them.” Exactly what I was trying to say in my post but in a much more eloquent manner 🙂

  9. Dannie Morin says:

    I *love* buying candy for Trick or Treat’ers…and then hoping no one shows up. =D This is my most creative time of year, too. Love fall!!

    • Rebecca says:

      Fall is a creative time of year! It’s the only time I’ve start new drafts, which might be a coincidence or maybe the season just inspires me.

  10. Sara Biren says:

    Your day at the zoo sounds fun! I am still on the library waiting listing for JUST ONE YEAR – so excited to read it but my book budget for the month is long gone! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. The RED launch was so much fun! Planning to post a couple of pics this week. 😉

    I love the Bronx Zoo. That’s adorable that the kiddos were in their costumes.

    I’m so excited to read my copy of JUST ONE YEAR!