Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books

I’m excited to share two wonderful blurbs for Summer of Lost and Found, from two writers whose work I adore.

Jodi Lynn Anderson has written two of my all-time favorite books, Tiger Lily and My Diary from the Edge of the World. Lately whenever I meet up with another MG reader, I immediately ask: Have you read Diary yet?! It’s a story with so much heart and creativity, and it has a collection of lovable and funny and complex characters. It’s poignant and funny and surprising. And I’d follow the Lockwood family just about anywhere.

Caroline Starr Rose wrote May B. and Blue Birds, which is a verse historical novel about a Roanoke Island. Blue Birds was published while I was working on Summer of Lost and Found, and I decided to wait until my book went to copy edits before reading it. It was really the best reward. The book is rich in historical detail, beautiful and moving writing, and a powerful theme of friendship and understanding. I’m really excited that Caroline and I had a great conversation about writing Roanoke–including the research process, the facts we found most fascinating, and our own feelings about what really happened to the Lost Colony. I’ll let you know when we share it on her site in May.

So here are the blurbs:

“I was edge-of-my-seat interested while reading Summer of Lost and Found. Rebecca Behrens has the ability to make the past irresistible and weave it into a present-day story that will satisfy fans of both mystery and adventure.” —Caroline Starr Rose, author of  Blue Birds


“A sweet, sparkling setting, a historical riddle, and a quirky cast make this little gem of a mystery a pure pleasure to read.” —Jodi Lynn Anderson, author of  My Diary from the Edge of the World

I’m so grateful to Caroline and Jodi for reading Summer and sharing their thoughts. And if you haven’t already–go get their books!