Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books

The Disaster Days has been making its way around the blogosphere and Bookstagram, and I’m so grateful to the reviewers, bloggers, and bookstagrammers who’ve taken the time to read and then write such thoughtful reviews!

“Really, really enjoyed this!” Ms. Yingling Reads

“This story was truly page-turning and exciting” Tara Creel Books

“I was enraptured enough by this book that I kept getting feelings of sorrow with each thing that happened to them. I wanted to reach into the book and, if nothing else, grab hold of them and let them know it was going to be okay.” Reading Authors

“Are you serious with this book?! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time while reading” @TheSmileLines via KidLitExchange

Rebecca Behrens’s The Disaster Days is a compelling and empowering middle-grade disaster story that will have readers on the edge of their seats and breathless!Aeicha at Word Spelunking

“Readers who like adventure and wonder what it would be like to live/survive in an earthquake zone will be riveted to every page of Hannah’s story.” The Reading Tub

“Behrens does a great job drawing readers into experiencing the children’s feelings of fear and hopelessness. Each chapter has enough peril and nail biting angst to keep even the most reluctant reader eagerly reading to find out what will happen next to Hannah and her charges.” You Decide: Should I Read It Or Not?

“Very much recommended to anyone who loves kids surviving on their own stories!” Charlotte’s Library

“I really liked how Hannah develops as a character, making mistakes, but doing everything she can to care for herself and the younger children and a cute guinea pig.” Stephanie Tournas, Youth Services Book Review

“The writing was so well done…fun and fresh, and exciting.” The Pages In Between

“Though set in the Pacific Northwest this tense tale of post-earthquake survival is equally relevant to other areas where natural disasters are a constant threat, and may encourage middle grade readers to think and find out about their family and school disaster plans.” Bibliobrit

“This one is a definite must-read, must-have.” Mom Read It

“It’s The Babysitter’s Club meets Hatchet! Enough said.” Miss Print

Check out the amazing emergency kit video from Bookstagrammer @RidaPageTurner!

“Suspenseful reading for students and adults alike!” Ms_D_Reads

“I loved this book and had a hard time putting it down.” The Librarian Is On the Loose