Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books

I can sum up Teen Author Carnival 2012 in one word: fantastic.

So fantastic, in fact, that while I was enjoying listening to all the wonderful authors speak, I neglected to take notes about the panels. Doh.

I did take some pictures, though:

The Keeping it Realistic panel
Authors Lauren E. Morrill and Siobhan Vivian
The Where Have You Been All My Life? panel
Such a gorgeous library
More gorgeous library (through a door, hence the crappy photo)

I also got to meet up in person
with some super-cool writer peeps, like Ghenet, Gina, and Elodie! And
learned an important lesson about why it is finally time for me to get a
smartphone (I still use a slide-out qwerty phone without internet):
because I missed out on meeting quite a few other writer friends because
I had no access to Twitter until I got home. Sad face. It’s time, so
I’ll head to the Apple store this weekend, and into the 21st century!

Have you been to any BEA week events this week?