This is a really hard post to write and a really easy one, too. It’s hard because I’ve thought about this day for so long–in terms of when I started writing for publication, five years; and in terms of how long I’ve secretly dreamed of being an author, probably my whole life. It’s easy because the only thing I really want to say is this: Thank You.

Writing isn’t easy, and neither is publishing. There are ups and downs and of course I’ve had plenty of both along the way. But one thing I’ve never lacked is enthusiastic support: from my friends and family, from my agency and publisher, from my delightful and inspiring coworkers, from the other writers and bloggers I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know in the kid-lit community. The only thing that doesn’t feel surreal today is a deep sense of gratitude–that I get to share my words with the world, and that I get to have so many wonderful people cheering me on as I do.