In the December 15th issue, Kirkus reviewed When Audrey Met Alice–and they liked it!

“This charming debut brings Alice Roosevelt to life when 13-year-old ‘first daughter’ Audrey finds Alice’s century-old diary and turns to it for advice . . .  Behrens invents a fictional Alice, as she reveals in her author’s note, and writes the diary entries in credible period prose that’s still accessible to modern readers. Audrey knows that she’s just a normal girl for all that she lives in the White House, making Audrey and the story nicely accessible.

An appealing journey and a fascinating life.”

The full Kirkus review is here:

And Publishers Weekly called When Audrey Met Alice an “entertaining debut” and said, “Alice’s (invented) journal entries appear throughout and offer a window into the life of this fearless historical figure though, as Behrens notes, ‘when it came to good fiction versus factual accuracy, fiction won.’ Details of life in the White House, combined with Audrey’s more ordinary struggles (including the potential for a first boyfriend), will keep readers hooked.” The full PW review is here:

It’s pretty surreal to see my book in Kirkus and PW, and I couldn’t be happier with what the reviewers have said. 🙂