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Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books

My own apartment is pathetically decorated, so I am living vicariously through the White House’s decorations this year. It’s the People’s House, after all!

At Holidays 2012 | The White House you can get all of the following:

  • A recipe for Ginger Crinkle cookies from The White House Pastry Kitchen [I’ll be baking them next week!]
  • A download of the official 2012 Holiday Bookmark [It features Bo!]
  • Instructions on how to make your own holiday snow globe, one of the featured decorations in the White House this year [Yay for arts & crafts time!]

You can also look at pictures of the holiday decorations through the years (I love that the Kennedy family took a sleigh ride on the South Lawn), and watch a video of the First Family turning on the Christmas lights.

And, finally, there’s this video with BO! (Thanks to Sarah for first sharing it)

(Thanks to Sarah for o