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Rebecca Behrens books
Rebecca Behrens books

I was reading a craft book recently in which Hemingway lamented how he struggled to write in summer–the hot, sleepy weather just didn’t work for him. For me, it’s the cold, dark days of winter when I feel blocked. Summer inspires me, and so far this one has been no exception. Here’s some of what I’ve been soaking up (when I haven’t been busy copyediting The Last Grand Adventure, or working away on a shiny new project):

Moonlight in Manhattan

A beautiful Madison sunset

Farmer’s market berries, part 1

Farmer’s market berries, part 2 (homemade ice cream is the best!)

Skyline views in the park

Secret gardens in the country

What does your summer look like so far?

*Want more photos of cityscapes, berries, and books? I’m now on Instagram, and I’m loving the glimpses into other readers’ and writers’ lives.