I’m excited to share that When Audrey Met Alice will soon be in paperback! Personally, I love paperback books–they’re so much easier to read on the go (which makes up a lot of my reading time lately) and they are priced right for class sets, book clubs, and babysitting money. Also, it’s fun to see a different interpretation of the story on a paperback’s cover. Speaking of which, here’s the new look for this edition of Audrey and Alice:




I love it! It’s fresh and bold, and Audrey would love the yellow type. The shoes on the back cover┬ámean that every cover for the book–from the ARC to the hardcover to this paperback–has played with footwear past/present, which is a cool unifying detail.

The paperback will be in stores 5/1/2015 for $7.99. Starting next week, I’ll be giving away a paperback preorder every Wednesday in March to celebrate Women’s History Month–check back on 3/4 to enter!