I love getting comments from beta readers. In particular, I love getting comments from my mom as a beta.

My mom isn’t just a sweetheart reader, although she is very encouraging and supportive and tactful. She’s also a really good critic. I must have gotten my reading genes from her–she reads more than almost anyone I know. She’s also a former English and Language Arts teacher, so she’s a stickler for proper grammar and usage. Thanks to her years teaching teenagers, she is really familiar with YA and a big fan (sample conversation: What do you mean you haven’t read SPEAK yet? You really should. or Oh, I love the HUNGER GAMES.) She cares enough about me and my writing to push me and ask tough questions and be critical. Yay, Mom!

Anyway, I got some comments on my revisions from her this weekend. This page cracked me up because, well, it’s my mom’s note: